chapter  6
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Technology and acceleration

ByRobert Crocker

The 'Jedi Knights' with their 'Force', were on the side of authentic democracy and the environment, and against centralized 'big' technology, and the corporate control and militarism of the 'empire'. Although providing many notable benefits, instead of furthering environmental efficiencies and reducing energy and material use, computers have enhanced, accelerated and multiplied the production of cheaper, more short-lived goods and services, often at severe environmental and social costs. In a series of illuminating essays, the sociologist Hartmut Rosa describes this dynamic transformation in terms of three interacting forms of acceleration, the technological, the social and the experiential. Computerization and social acceleration results in us having less undistracted, unscheduled and reflective time, and less time for engaging with, or doing, what people most enjoy. 3D printing is able to democratize and accelerate creative activities, and this has dramatic implications especially for the design professions.