chapter  2
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Why explore CPM?

WithNatalie Ralph, Mark Moody-Stuart, Per L. Saxegaard

Corporate peacemaking (CPM) refers specifically to political/diplomatic roles undertaken by corporate actors to support peace processes and negotiations which aim for a lasting peace agreement. The Business and Peace field incorporates "structural peacebuilding" and "peacemaking" by business. Structural peacebuilding activities address the underlying structural issues which may cause grievance and conflict. Global-level interventions can either support peacemaking with a global reach or peacemaking in a specific country. Top-level interventions are based at the national level, with top political leaders. The lack of understanding regarding CPM is a critical gap in knowledge. This is particularly so when considering the powerfully influential role transnational corporations could play in peacemaking globally. The continuation of a global political economy based on capitalism, globalisation and liberal market economic principles is taken as a basis for this exploratory journey into CPM. Peacemaking may be the critical, immediate response for preventing or halting fighting between two or more belligerents.