chapter  4
35 Pages

Assisting the transformation of war economies to peace economies

WithNatalie Ralph, Mark Moody-Stuart, Per L. Saxegaard

This chapter discusses the concepts and practices from corporate responsibility that provide an ethical foundation for corporate peacemaking (CPM) and, on a practical level, help extractive companies prepare for peacemaking. It explores the “big picture” of how war economies are created, who benefits from them, and how they are linked to non-renewable resources. The chapter also explores how extractive transnational corporations can assist the transformation of war economies to peace economies by constructing their foundation for CPM. It also discusses the concept of peace economy, with the emerging field of peace economics which aims to cultivate peace economies, and then gives a proposed description of corporate “peace capital”; the accumulation of which, might encourage companies to further support peace economies. Extractive companies can help counter war economies by breaking the links between their company and the conflict and building a foundation for CPM. Companies can further use their economic, business and technical skills for peace processes themselves.