chapter  6
27 Pages

Implementing the CPM Framework

WithNatalie Ralph, Mark Moody-Stuart, Per L. Saxegaard

Armed with a range of interventions for extractive companies to apply in peacemaking, what is required is a more comprehensive understanding of the issues that arise with the implementation of the Corporate Peacemaking Framework (CPM Framework). This chapter considers how transnational corporations should conduct peacemaking, particularly important when considering they may influence the character of peace processes and have a more active role in peace negotiations/mediation. Alternatively, progressive cost-analysis could evaluate whether, and to what extent, stakeholder engagement through CPM interventions could reduce costs caused by conflict with and between stakeholders and consequential delays in production. To implement the CPM Framework, a company must ascertain the key actors in the conflict and with whom it could collaborate for CPM. More research is required on particular conflict causes and their malleability to corporate peace activity, and whether specific CPM interventions are best suited to certain conflict causes, and stages.