Getting started: MBA careers in sustainability
ByKatie Kross
Pages 4

This chapter utilizes the term "sustainability careers" broadly to encompass a wide spectrum of careers in which we can use an MBA skill set to effect social and environmental change. With the growth of this field has come a host of interesting new career opportunities for MBAs. As companies have grappled with challenges like how to measure sustainability impacts in their supply chains, there are new opportunities for the next generation of managers — managers who are not only trained in traditional MBA fundamentals but also grounded in an understanding of the multifaceted social and environmental challenges facing 21st-century global business leaders. The US financial crisis in 2008 brought a new examination into the role that business schools play in preparing MBAs to be responsible business leaders. After the crisis, a call rose from multiple different corners to create the business equivalent of the medical profession's Hippocratic Oath. Several of these efforts merged in 2009 to form The Oath Project.