Corporate sustainability & CSR
ByKatie Kross
Pages 14

Corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are terms that are often used interchangeably. Occasionally, "CSR" is used with a bent towards the management of social impacts, while sustainability is more closely aligned with environmental management. Studies have also concluded that some consumers state a preference for purchasing products from companies that employ CSR or corporate citizenship practices. Increasingly, companies have blended both social and environmental impact management into their definitions of both CSR and sustainability — or simply melded the two into the phrase "corporate responsibility." Most full-time corporate sustainability positions are at large companies that have the budget to support them. Depending on the company and the industry, sustainability may be a part of operations, marketing, legal, or public affairs department, or, it may report directly to the CEO. Corporate sustainability strategy often refers to the management of many or all of the following: energy, water, waste, and other environmental impact management.