Sustainability consulting
ByKatie Kross
Pages 8

As sustainability has gained traction as a mainstream business idea, demand has grown for consulting services that focus specifically on sustainability strategy, marketing, and reporting. The definition, quality, and scope of services offered by sustainability consulting firms vary. Some firms focus on the strategic business aspects of sustainability, while others are more technical for instance, specializing in facilities, waste, and energy optimization. There are even firms that focus exclusively on sustainability reporting and assurance. One must understand the ecological aspects of the work in order to provide real consulting value to clients." Firms that label themselves sustainability consultants can range from established strategists working with major corporations to one-person outfits doing energy audits for local businesses. The most important step in landing a position in sustainability consulting is networking. Candidates with specific expertise for instance, public reporting, data analytics, or life-cycle analysis can often find sub-specialized roles within sustainability departments.