Social entrepreneurship & impact investing
ByKatie Kross
Pages 12

Social entrepreneurship ventures come in many forms nonprofits, for-profits, and hybrid structures that marry both financial and social goals. For a thoughtful summary of the distinctions, see The Meaning of "Social Entrepreneurship" by Professor Greg Dees. Socially responsible investing at times also falls under the impact investing umbrella, though it tends to focus more on publicly traded equities rather than direct investment. An MBA interested in social entrepreneurship might choose to work for a social entrepreneur directly for instance, College Summit, Education Pioneers, or KickStart, to name a few. When pursuing jobs in the field of social entrepreneurship, some students orient themselves based on mission; others focus more on functional roles. Like the concept of sustainability itself, social entrepreneurship is another term that means different things depending on who's doing the defining. In general, however, social entrepreneurship is the application of innovative entrepreneurial strategies to solve pressing social problems.