Tips for an off-campus search
ByKatie Kross
Pages 6

This chapter talks about tips for an off-campus search for MBA students. Many MBA students find the prospect of off-campus job searches to be daunting, but these searches are incredibly valuable in many ways, paying long-term dividends in terms of our professional network and opportunities down the road. The chapter discusses the rewards of off-campus networking for MBA students. This is a field that is very much about relationships, says Nate Springer, an Associate with Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) Advisory Services, "and yet the networking style that is geared towards 'traditional' MBA recruiting for consulting, investment banking and brand management seems very transactional." Longer-term relationships are not only necessary for the job search, but also beneficial over time. Contrary to popular opinion, off-campus searching does not necessarily demand any more energy or time than preparing well for on-campus recruiting activities.