Gaining experience
ByKatie Kross
Pages 4

A theme that emerges in talking with MBA alumni who are working in sustainability careers is the importance of relevant real-world experience. At first blush, this can sound discouraging to students who career changers are trying to break into a new industry or discipline. The goal is to have a compelling story to tell in an interview about why MBA students are interested in a particular career path and industry, and evidence to back it up. If there is a company that they are really compelled to work for, consider calling them and pitching a project idea. MBA students can use benchmarking studies or industry analysis projects as a reason to call a broad spectrum of practitioners and interview them for the study. Organizing a conference or panel discussion on a sustainability-related topic for a business school club is another great door-opener with contacts. Choose projects and experiences that are focused and aligned with MBA students' career objectives.