chapter  12
Cultivating a new psychology for sustainability leadership
BySteve Schein
Pages 19

In order to cultivate ecological worldviews in students and the next generation of sustainability-minded executives, a full range of eco-social science literature and research needs to become part of the mainstream business curriculum. Currently, exposure to eco-social sciences in business education is limited to a select group of sustainability specific programmes, and mostly at the graduate level. An important new element in the business curriculum would allow students to explore the significant life experiences that have shaped their worldview resulting in a more explicit "eco-biography". The ecological self could become a new type of interior psychological foundation for sustainability leadership development. This could be accomplished by integrating existing research on the ecological self in sustainability leadership education and corporate training programmes. Among the major themes and findings from the research, the most surprising was the ample evidence of post-conventional worldviews in the sample of global sustainability leaders.