chapter  Six
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Externally facing long-term organizational culture
ByWitold J. Henisz

An important step in creating a diplomatic mindset is the articulation of a mission statement. Words alone will not create a new mindset, but a clear, codified vision is the foundation for what comes next. A less fraught, but still important, corporate rite is the acknowledgment of accomplishments. A final set of rites–celebrations–may seem symbolic but can play as critical role as activities that seem more substantive. The corporate diplomacy framework includes two elements driven by data and analytics, two elements that address effective interaction with external stakeholders, and two elements that emphasize internal attributes. A purely analytical focus may seem attractive to firms dominated by engineers or other data-driven professionals such as financiers and accountants. Corporate diplomats also need to weave together experience, insight and analysis. A diplomatic mindset neither hallows the external stakeholder's point of view nor insists on trying to change it.