chapter  5
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War Will Follow

The very fact that a political party has attained control of any Government, for the first time, is enough to provoke inquiry and uneasiness. No complaint of injustice or unfaithfulness, heretofore, in administering the Federal Government, is made by the people of the slaveholding States; they have been satisfied with it, or, at least ninety-nine hundredths of them have been. The most essential provisions of the Constitution are compromises; the Government itself, in all its shape and proportions, is a vast compromise. It is obviously impracticable, in the Federal Government of the States, to secure all rights of independent sovereignty to each, and yet provide for the interests and safety of all. Individuals entering into society must give up a share of liberty to preserve the rest. The magnitude of the sacrifice must depend as well on situation and circumstances, as on the object to be obtained.