chapter  3
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Indrida Saga Indridasonar

ByWilliam H. Swatos, Loftur Reimar Gissurarson

This chapter deals with the mediumship of Indridi Indridason, who was investigated and tested extensively by members of the so-called Experimental Society in Reykjavik. The leading members seem to have been keenly interested in research and experimented with Indridi from the beginning of his mediumship in 1905. Once Einar H. Kvaran had moved to Reykjavik in the early autumn of 1904 to take up his post as the editor of the newspaper Fjallkonan, he established an experimental circle with his friends and family members in October to investigate the claims of spiritualism. The discovery of Indridi Indridason’s mediumistic gift eventually led to the formal founding of the Experimental Society in the autumn of 1905 to investigate more systematically the phenomena associated with him. In general, no contemporary criticism of any substance seems to have been aimed at specific phenomena of Indridi or at singular, allegedly psychic, occurrences.