chapter  4
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Science and Stability

ByWilliam H. Swatos, Loftur Reimar Gissurarson

This chapter describes the phenomena of Indridi Indridason’s physical mediumship, especially as reported by Gudmundur Hannesson. In 1908, Gudmundur asked the Experimental Society for permission to attend seances in order to investigate Indridi and his phenomena. Gudmundur attended his first seance to get acquainted with the setting and the phenomena. On this occasion he employed no experimental controls. He was apparently sufficiently intrigued to begin experiments in earnest that would attempt to introduce the rigors of scientific methods. Gudmundur attended numerous sittings with Indridi during the winter of 1908-1909. The last of Indridi’s sittings of which we have an account is a seance on 11 June 1909. He made a particular effort to investigate the frequently observed, but unaccountable movements of objects. Icelandic spiritualism was not credulity in things unseen but an assurance from things seen that there was more to the knowable world than positivistic science had subsumed under its rubrics.