chapter  6
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Continuing Contestation

ByWilliam H. Swatos, Loftur Reimar Gissurarson

It was in 1906 that Agust H. Bjarnason first heard of Jdhannes Jonsson, nicknamed Dreamer Joe, who had obtained a wide reputation in the North and East of Iceland for clairvoyant dreams. Agust wrote a preliminary report to the Society for Psychical Research in London, who asked him to conduct a detailed investigation. The first international congress on psychical research was initiated by the Dane Carl Vett and was held in Copenhagen from 26 August to 2 September 1921. The second international congress for psychical research was held at the University of Warsaw, 29 August to 5 September 1923. The Danish physical medium Einar Nielsen came to Iceland in 1924 at the invitation of Salarrannsdknafelag islands. In 1922 Nielsen was reported to have been exposed in Oslo, and his mediumship thus had become a controversial issue by the time of his Icelandic visit.