chapter  6
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The Concerns of Faculty

ByLionel S. Lewis

The majority of disputes were generated by faculty dissatisfaction over decisions about contract renewals, reappointments, the granting of tenure, promotion decisions, remuneration, and what is perceived by faculty as highhandedness on the part of administrators. In the handful of cases in which teaching played some part in faculty-administrative conflict, there was often a great deal more involved than simply a matter of substandard performance in the classroom. In a widely publicized incident in 1965–66, for example, a faculty member was dismissed from Adelphi University for introducing too much Marx and Marxism into his courses. Minorities and women, who are underrepresented among faculty, are overrepresented among those feeling aggrieved; there are many controversies in which they are a party. A faculty hearing committee found procedural faults and recommended that the case be reconsidered. According to the Duke faculty handbook, outstanding scholarship is an “indispensable qualification” for tenure.