chapter  5
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Technological Styles

Follow ing Carlota Perez (1983), technological style here refers to a

complex cluster o f components, including basic materials, industrial

procedures with their typical patterns o f mechanization, the division o f

labor, organizational structure, corporate structure with its division o f

property rights, the supply o f goods with its specific patterns o f distribution,

consumption, lifestyle and leisure behavior. Beyond the components o f this

cluster there are various complex and discontinuous processes which tend

towards an unstable equilibrium during the upswing phase. Only by

combination o f the different elements during a crystallization phase does a

growth surge become possible. The technological style then spreads to

permeate all economic and social spheres. Finally, the spread leads to

saturation and the coherence o f a technological style begins to dissolve; new

elements o f a coming technological style then emerge.