chapter  5
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The Human Domain

ByPeter Lomas

This chapter first, shows that human beings are capable of imagining everything there is. It proposes to do by an excursion into ontology. The chapter second follows from it: the explanation of morality, as the application of human dominance. It finds significant that use "integrity" both for moral uprightness and for a holistic sense of us. Morality even as the application of human dominance is social both the world and our own selves. The real existence of states is dependent on agreement on what they are — not just as a social idea, but as the same social idea; since 1945, this agreement has had to be worldwide and therefore ontological. The Thomas Hobbes state is the prime theater of human choice, reflecting our nature back to us to offer the gains of social peace. Hobbes reveals as a philosopher of both human potential and human limitations. Human dominance is therefore the origin of morality.