chapter  6
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Seeing All Relations Whole

ByPeter Lomas

This chapter examines the implications for international theory. The theory of international relations, with all human relations as its object, is likewise naturally plural and complex, which absolutely requires us to think multidimensionally. To be sure, as Realist international theorists point out, preserving the states system is bound up with important considerations of order and security. The European Union (EU) is a complex political and historical fact in the lives of Europeans, an entity built up over time through legal acts conjoining constituted states. Historical records and vestiges are routinely subjected to new technology like carbon dating, DNA sequencing and mass spectroscopy, and consequently to new and profound interpretations. Historians are able to engage in a mass sociology of the human past, with new information and social support at their back; and history and international theory, in their search for a holistic conception of human nature, are seen to converge.