chapter  1
On Stage
WithMichael A. Ledeen
Pages 32

Virgil's pizzas were obviously cooked more than the modern version, which is typically toasted around the border and lusciously soft towards the center. The Neapolitans even anticipated home delivery. In the mid-nineteenth century, most pizzas were made in portable ovens and sold from pushcarts. The most popular vendors had teams of runners to deliver fresh pizza to their clients. Pizza is one of the most famous Neapolitan products, and its history is typical of the city's remarkable energy and enterprise. The noise of Neapolitan life extends throughout society, from the narrow alleys of the slums of Forcella, the Sanita', and the Quartieri Spagnoli all the way to the centers of power. The Neapolitans' frenetic energy has invariably appeared to outsiders to verge on insanity, and many of them recognized that they were infected with it. Neapolitans are famously clever at avoiding efforts to control, regulate, and govern them.