chapter  7
34 Pages

On the Beat: Environment Reporters at Work

ByDavid B. Sachsman, James Simon, JoAnn Myer Valenti

This chapter looks at many of the elements cited by environment reporters as they perform the juggling act of addressing all these concerns. The environmental beat also is filled with scientific jargon that can quickly convince readers and viewers to move on to another story. James Gomes said he was far more likely to trust a veteran reporter who covered the environment as a beat. The Internet and other information sources have made it easier for environment reporters to research stories and try to stay current in the field. Environment reporters collect information through background research, by crunching numbers themselves, and by visiting sites and using their senses—especially sight, sound, smell, and touch. Brita Belli said the magazine also struggles with how to reach a more mainstream audience while still serving its core readership. Newspapers and television stations are changing workplaces, where cutbacks have been severe and the newshole keeps shrinking.