chapter  4
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The Work Environment 1

ByDavid B. Sachsman, James Simon, JoAnn Myer Valenti

James Bruggers' comments reflected many of the workaday concerns mentioned by environment reporters. Forty percent of US journalists said they had almost complete freedom in selecting the stories they work on, compared to 33.1 percent of the environment reporters. Nevertheless, the percentage of environment specialists who said they had "almost complete" autonomy in the newsroom was less than their colleagues among US journalists. Reporters want to feel they have something to contribute to the newsroom and their communities. Reporters who choose to cover specialized stories like the environment might be expected to report higher levels of job satisfaction than US journalists in general. The level of job satisfaction among journalists was relatively high in this period, compared to 1992, when 77 percent of US journalists said they were satisfied, and it very well may be lower today, given the current economic difficulties of newspapers and television stations.