chapter  7
The Message: A Redefinition
WithWilliam W. Ellis
Pages 32

What is happening in the West Side Organization (WSO), and in the minds of the men who run it, may be a social innovation representing America's last chance before it breaks apart in chronic violent revolution, waged by black people and their allies in the assertion of their humanity. A black man coming to the Near West Side is not immediately regarded as an insider. It has been noted that the crime rate in black communities is higher than in other parts of American cities. Some writers have even stated that most crimes committed by blacks are committed on their fellows. The psychiatrists Abram Kardiner and Lionel Ovesey state that the central problem of the black man is that he is not able to be aggressive. Retraining programs and bland classes in black history do not speak to the riot, to the insurrection. At home and in school socialization, both black and white children are taught that blacks are inferior.