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WithJohn Leo

The essays in this book originally appeared in U.S. News and World Report and appear by permission of U.S. News and World Report: Whitney to Whitey: Drop Dead; “Sir, You’re a Murderer!”; Caffeine Made Me Do It; The White Maleness of Jeopardy!; The Man Who Occupied Teddy’s Brain; Give Ozzie and Harriet a Break; The Subcommittee on Disabled Speech; Revenge of the Language-Stretchers; No-Fault Syntax; The F-Word Flows like Ketchup; Manly Deeds, Sexist Words; Reporting Through Prisms; Our “Let’s Pretend” Social Policy; Drowning in Rights; The Politics of Hate; An End to Welfare; Fire Hydrants and School Blockades; Why Graffiti Matters; The Itch to Censor; Throw Away the Key; A “Victim” Census for America; The Gingrich Who Stole Christmas; Bill Clinton’s Lost Speech; Hillary and the Children’s Crusade; Hillary from the Pulpit; Mighty Mouth Mario; Bob Kerrey’s Little Joke; Gerrymandering, Racial Style; Senators 2, Hacker 0; Counting by Race at Georgetown; Those Wellesley Women in Long White Dresses; Racial Disaster Without Racism; Leo’s First Law of Racial Folly; The Free-Agent Market in Black Students; The Reds and the Blacks; Send Us More Hmong; A Pot Still Melting; Indians Before Kevin Costner; Over the Heads of Parents; Heather’s Extra Mommy; Here Comes School Choice; The Sorry Teaching of Teachers; Do Schools Victimize Girls?; Exclusive: Barbie Speaks Up; Single-Sex Colleges—Why Not?; Stop Blaming the Tests; Scuttling School Reform; A for Effort—or for Showing Up; Self-Esteem Up, Learning Down; The Politics of Feelings; Losing Is Bruising, So Let’s Not Play; Touchy, Touchy, Touchy; Take Two Laughs and Call Me in the Morning; Movies to Feel Violent By; Thelma, Louise, and Toxic Feminism; A Bodice-Ripper Goes Mainstream; Hostility Among the Ice Cubes; The Well-Heeled Drug Runner; When the Feds Turned Drug Dealer; The Brats and Brutes of Pro Sports; Why Jokes Have No Story Line; Our Squeamish Press; The Gulf War’s Tasteful Carnage; Haut Porn Couture; The Rise of Felony Chic; Merry C—s to All; Boxing in Believers; Is Gossip Sexual Harassment?; Deconstructing Anita Hill; Harassment’s Murky Edges; The Trouble with Feminism; The Politics of Date Rape; Acquittal and Injustice in Queens; Reasonable Woman or Reasonable Person?; Far-Out Feminism in the Senate; Only You, Catherine; Pedophiles in the Schools; The Gay Tide of Catholic Bashing; Tolerance Yes, Approval No; The Push for Gay Marriage; Wishing Away Qualms over Abortion; The Quagmire of Abortion Rights; Here Come the Wild Creatures; Not the Way to Stop Abortions; Holland’s Cozy Little Homicides; MTV’s Seven Video Sins; Look Out for the Word Fairness; Lawmakers on the Bench; The “Us” versus “Them” Industry; The Seventyfive Deadly Isms; Art for Politics’ Sake; A Marathon of Pique; Fear and Loathing at Harvard Law; The Plight of the Last Minority; Demonizing White Guys; Afrocentrism on the March; Tempest in the Newsroom; The Menace of Quota-Think; Racial Arithmetic in California; Multicultural Follies; Taking Tribalism out of History; The Golden Age of Victim Art; So Much for “The Harvard of the Poor”; Ebonics? No Thonics!; The Smithsonian Goes PC; Reporting with the Facts Left Out; A No-Fault Holocaust; Part Birth, Part Death; Intrepid Columnist Awards His First Sheldon; The Bosom Liberation Movement; The Intellectuals and the Unabomber.