chapter  6c
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Snitches on Snitching

This chapter discusses the reasons for informers being treated intensively with contempt and the inmates' identification of the informer. It focuses on the snitches themselves. R. Prus identifies five major forms of resistance tactics: challenging the designation, challenging the designating agent, resisting by relocation, resisting by reappealing, and resisting through compromise. As Prus, and others have noted, another common form of resisting designations is through aisavowing responsibility. In the game model, one uses "the game" as a frame of reference and thus enters a bargaining relation instead of having one's loyalties to the criminal group as a guiding perspective. The police have a greater incentive to use informers in drug cases than in many others since they are considered as victimless crimes. Finally, "resisting by relocation" consisted of defining oneself as a nonmember, and shifting one's focus to a game perspective when interacting with the police, thus neutralized one's relationship and loyalties to the criminal group.