chapter  7
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Cronstedt: A Concluding Illustration

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book uses the example of Cronstedt to illustrate some of the themes. "Cronstedt" in itself was furthermore so steeped with meaning that the mere name generated a reaction for generations. The Cronstedt case is uncommon and dramatic. Betrayal has been viewed as a normal and common social phenomenon. One of the interesting ways to avoid betrayal is not to show distrust according to N. Luhmann, who describes a process of distrust breeding distrust. Betrayal is no lighthearted matter, done without need for justification. The book says that the "third party" shares the contempt, even when the betrayal is useful for them. One of the unexplored but interesting phenomenon is the fact that sometimes, as in the case of Cronstedt, the betrayal remained in peoples' minds for more than century.