chapter  One
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The Definition

ByBaruch A. Hazan

Propaganda is the preconceived, systematic and centrally coordinated process of manipulating symbols, aimed at promoting uniform behavior of large social groups, a behavior congruent with the specific interests and ends of the propagandist. Propaganda is a term which has many definitions. It is also a term which has often been misused, overused and misunderstood. As in every subject which deals with human beings, there is a wide margin of error in the study of propaganda. The propagandist tries to create specific attitudes which will in turn lead to a specific, preconceived action. While Qualter's definition encompasses more aspects of propaganda than other definitions previously cited, still it seems that concentration on the ultimate product of propaganda is misleading. All decisions must be coordinated and subjected to a scientific system, so that the final product displays a combination of overall integration, synchronization and uniformity, which in turn characterize propaganda as a systematic and preconceived process.