chapter  Three
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The Development of the Soviet Propaganda Apparatus: The Instruments

ByBaruch A. Hazan

Communist revolutionary theory assumed that a small group of men, acting as representatives of certain social forces, could bring to the rest of mankind consciousness and enlightenment, could lead it toward infinite human perfection, and toward a new state of society - Communism. The Communist Parties in the colonial and semi-colonial countries must carry on a bold and consistent struggle against foreign imperialism and unfailingly conduct propaganda in favor of friendship and unity with the proletariat of the imperialist countries. Communist ideologists outlined very carefully - and over a long period—the differences between the propaganda and agitation. The distinction between agitation and propaganda has never been instrumental in Soviet international relations. In the realm of international affairs the active principle has invariably, almost exclusively, been propaganda—and that concept was used to cover all aspects of Soviet political communications. The Soviet propaganda authorities quickly realized the advantages of broadcasting in international propaganda.