chapter  Six
39 Pages

Means and Techniques of Soviet Propaganda

ByBaruch A. Hazan

This chapter describes the major themes, techniques and instruments of Soviet propaganda, related to the Middle East conflict. While many of the techniques of Soviet propaganda are quite conventional, and have been used by other countries, some have been developed exclusively by the Soviet Union. The chapter begins with the more conventional means, and explores the original contributions made by the Soviet propaganda machine. Soviet propaganda has made an original contribution in the communication channels used to deliver its messages. The resolution adopted by the meeting of the Soviet Association of International Law was very similar, and its content was reported to the world by the more conventional channels of Soviet propaganda. Soviet propaganda did its best to amplify and popularize the debates and resolutions of the various conferences dealing with the Middle East conflict. Soviet Muslim delegations frequently visit Arab countries, while the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics often hosts similar delegations from the Arab world.