chapter  8
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Travel in Germany in 1800

ByWerner Sombart

Traveling in 1800 was not such a simple affair as it is today. One traveled slightly better in Southern Germany and clearly conditions in Austria's countryside were considered less adverse. In economical terms the smaller ones among those in particular had a semi-rural character; which means: the population lived primarily on farming and gardening. Midst of gardens and fields even reached into the center of town. The peace of the sleeping town was disturbed by nothing more than the moaning of tomcats in love and the hooting of an owl fluttering around the church walls. Subways are symbols of the modern city, the symbol of old-fashioned city life, as it was up to the nineteenth century in Germany, was the night watchman with his pike and horn: an expression of a child-like clumsiness and a backward attitude towards technical matters.