chapter  9
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The Emergence of Fashion

ByWerner Sombart

A determining fact drawn from the study of the processes of fashion creation is the observation that consumer participation remains restricted to a minimum; the driving force behind the creation of modern fashion is in fact the venture capitalist. In a capitalistic market, a competition builds up the tendency of modern fashion: the tendency of a fast turnover. The basic thoughts of Georg Simmel's and F. T. Vischer's that fashion "displays a special way of life, where one tries to find a compromise between the tendency of social equality and individual different stimulants" are certainly a correct interpretation of the psychological peculiarity in fashionable behavior. Fashion and household furnishings, as well as every other specific demand of consumer goods throughout the regions of modern civilization are dominated by the large centers of social life, the cities. Conditions within the social environment must be met to actually have an effect on the change of fashion from increasing competition amongst the businesses.