chapter  11
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The Economic Life of the Future

ByWerner Sombart

Karl Marx prophesied: the progressive impoverishment of the wage-labourers; the general economic concentration together with the downfall of the artisan and farming classes; the catastrophic breakdown of capitalism. Agriculture remains the last area of the national economy which can resist a far-reaching division of labour and concentration of labour, while at a high stage of development it tends to combine labour forces on a cooperative basis. A progressive industrialization of the whole national economy might very well take the processing of farm products increasingly out of the hands of agriculture. The successes which the one-kitchen house movement has hitherto enjoyed in the European countries do not allow to conclude that a large majority of the population is inclined in the near future to dispense with their private consumption economy. The possibility of shaping economic life along either cooperative or publicly-owned lines will also unquestionably become ever greater in the future.