chapter  12
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Why is there no Socialism in the United States?

ByWerner Sombart

The United States of America is capitalism's land of promise. In no other country and among no other people was capitalism favored with circumstances that permitted it to develop to the most advanced state. The United States is rich in precious metals: North America produces third of all the silver and a quarter of all the gold in the world. Perhaps one may best recognize how dominant the capitalist system is by examining the American social structure, which no longer contains any feature of non-capitalist origin. The estimation of size in terms of numbers has been able to take root in man's heart only through the medium of money as employed by capitalism. The politics of the Socialist trade unions are tailored to success in the present, but at the same time they do not lose sight of the proletarian class-movement against capitalism. The leading trade-unionists commune with non-partisan social reformers and with reformist employers in the National Civic Federation.