chapter  13
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Socialism and the Social Movement

ByWerner Sombart

Socialism is the intellectual embodiment of the modern social movement. Socialism and the social movement is the realization of the future social state, which shall be more in accord with the needs of the proletariat. The greatest impediment to the clear comprehension of the term "social class" is that it is confounded with "political party". The socialism is imitating capitalism in its restlessness, only that in socialism the ends are ideal and not material. The social and economic revolution brought about by capitalism during the last hundred years or so and has found its expression in a desire for a new social order and for the liberation of mankind from the bonds of capitalism. The duty of the social democratic leaders is to support every social reform which tends to ameliorate the lives of the masses, no matter from what quarter it comes, and at the same time to keep their eyes fixed on their final goal.