chapter  2
A Quarter Century of Progress
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The most vigorously investigated have been problems of creative disposition, to determine the characteristics of those who exhibit to greater degrees different forms of creative production. Creative dispositions have been studied from different directions. The picture of creativity-related intellectual abilities has pointed directly to another important area, that of creative-thinking processes. The human mental abilities that contribute to potential for creative production, and the mental functions that goes with them. All the intellectual abilities contributing to creative potential should be found represented somewhere in the structure of intellect model. The relevant traits have been observed either from the study, of socially recognized creative producers or of those who score high in divergent-production tests. Some temperamental qualities of creative persons were touched upon in the discussion of interests, the higher levels of self-sufficiency and self-confidence. The processes of creative thinking were touched upon in the discussion of divergent-production and transformation abilities, particularly, in connection with the intellectual aspects of creative disposition.