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In short, the volume covers both the conceptual and technical aspects of meta-analysis all within the context of using a number of SAS PROC MEANSbased programs for conducting a meta-analysis. It describes and explains the meta-analysis approach and procedures in a tutorial fashion, and then presents SAS program code that computes all the pertinent meta-analysis statistics for each approach, using examples to explain and interpret these statistics. Consequently, the volume is comprehensive and written in a tutorial tone. We do not present meta-analysis or its mathematical algorithms in excruciating detail. Our focus is more applied and practical than theoretical. In fact, one of our objectives is to fill the gap left by, and thereby complement, the theoretical books on meta-analysis (cf. Hunter & Schmidt, 1990a; Glass et al., 1981, which serve as the basis for most of the programming code presented here). Thus, this book shows and teaches the reader how to conduct and actually analyze their meta-analysis data after it has been collected.