chapter  5
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Looking Two Ways: Identity, Research, and Praxis in the Caribbean Community

In this personal story, I want to discuss my identity, research methodology, and practice as I work with African Caribbean teachers, parents, and students. I was born in England, of} amaican parents. I grew up in the UK and moved to Canada in 1965. I have lived in the United States since 1992. I have been a classroom teacher as well as a teacher of secondary and university students. On my mother's side, I come from a family many of whose members, particularly in England, have practiced a social gospel, one in which engaged spiritual practice involved seeking educational, social, and economic justice for the Caribbean community. As a child, I learned about the interconnections between spirituality, praxis, and social justice. As an adult, I learned more about these creative connections from Black womanists and feminists (e.g., Ani, 1994; Cannon, 1995; Cliff, 1986; hooks, 1994; James, 1993; Sanders, 1995; Townes, 1995). My various life stories and geographies, then, have contributed to conceptual framework, my research questions and approaches.