chapter  7
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Applied Linguistics With an Attitude

It is time to regroup. In this concluding chapter, I try to pull together some of the main themes covered in preceding chapters. There are two principal domains: First, I deal with the main arguments I have made about the politics of knowledge, language, text, pedagogy, and difference (critical themes). Second, I return to the question of why critical applied linguistics matters and how it can work as a form of critical praxis (guidelines for a critical praxis). While these two sections are largely consolidatory in nature, the final part of this chapter argues for the opposite, for the need to avoid turning critical applied linguistics into a new discipline. Through a consideration of the role critical applied linguistics can play in different courses on applied linguistics, I argue ultimately for critical applied linguistics as a form of antidisciplinary praxis, for critical applied linguistics as applied postlinguistics, for critical applied linguistics as applied linguistics with an attitude.