chapter  6
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Considering the Role of Development in Self-Regulation: Eva M. Pomerantz and Ellen Rydell Altermatt

Carver and Scheier consider a variety of important issues regarding selfregulation in their target chapter. They elaborate on many of their prior proposals (e.g., Carver & Scheier, 1981), providing a rich account of the processes involved in their model. Perhaps it is most significant that Carver and Scheier afford the opportunity for insight into the complexity of these processes by viewing self-regulation through a dynamic systems framework. Despite the comprehensiveness of the issues regarding selfregulation that these authors explore in their chapter, Carver and Scheier do not explore the development of self-regulation. How do the processes proposed by Carver and Scheier develop? Do they change with age? If so, how do they change? Moreover, what underlies the development of these processes? If they do change with age, what mechanisms cause the change? If they do not change, what mechanisms cause the stability? The answers to such questions are important in fully understanding selfregulation. Thus, the purpose of our commentary is to explore the role of development in the processes Carver and Scheier suggest are involved in self-regulation.