chapter  9
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Responding to Attempts at Control: Autonomy, Instrumentality, and Action Identification: Abraham Tesser

Carver and Scheier have given us a tour de force on self-regulation. Their contribution contains a thorough review of self-regulation themes and issues. Not only is it comprehensive with regard to substance but also it takes us from current approaches to these issues to cutting-edge approaches concerned with nonlinearity, parallel processing, and catastrophes. Because of its comprehensiveness it is difficult to know where to jump in. What makes it even more difficult is that I agree with most of their conclusions. Therefore, instead of developing what is likely to turn out to be a laundry list of points that I think are particularly valuable or quibbles I might have with this conclusion or that conclusion, I decided to present a related model and then try to see where and how well it fits with Carver and Scheier's perspective. The model described here is called the e-control model because it deals with self's responses to external attempts at being controlled.