chapter  4
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The Speed of Goal Pursuit: Peter M. Gollwitzer and Uwe B. Rohloff

In the past, we have focused on the question of whether these different action phases are associated with a typical kind of information processing

(e.g., Gollwitzer, Heckhausen, & Steller, 1990; Gollwitzer & Kinney, 1989; Taylor & Gollwitzer, 1996). More specifically, we postulated that deliberating one's wishes and desires leads to a deliberative mind-set, whereas planning the implementation of a chosen goal leads to an implemental mind-set. As it turned out, people's information processing in a deliberative mind-set differs drastically from their information processing in an implemental mind-set (Gollwitzer, 1991). In general, people process information in ways that are functional to solving the task at hand, which is making the best choice between desires and getting started with goaldirected actions, respectively.