chapter  13
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Training—Improving Worker Skill

Some years ago, an automobile industry executive is reported to have said to his staff: "We are not in the business of building cars. We are in the trans­ portation business!" Presumably, that statement was inspirational, de­ signed to broaden the vision and aspirations of his workforce, and it seems to have had the desired effect. Over the past few years we have heard sim­ ilar adjurations made to workers in the radio field ("you are in the com­ munications business") and in the book field ("you are in the information business"). Granted, a motive behind these adjurations is to increase mar­ ket share. It is also an appeal to see the big picture and involve workers beyond the immediate outputs of their jobs. Involving workers in this manner draws in the whole person and his or her full range of capabilities, not just the part of the person serving as an instrument of production.