chapter  7
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Computer Assessment Using Visual Stimuli: A Test of Dermatological Skin Disorders

One of the advantages afforded by computerized software is the ability to present on screen the photographic-like images of objects, people, or scenes. Over the past several years, testing practitioners have taken advantage of this capability and started to create computerized tests containing images embed­ ded within the items. The potential for the use of such images spans many dis­ ciplines. For example, art instructors could use computerized tests with images to test students’ ability to identify certain works or artists; instructors of dendrology could have students identify different types or parts of trees; and geology instructors could have their students classify different types of rocks or rock formations. To provide an in-depth example of such an assess­ ment, this chapter focuses on a computerized test that was developed in the medical field of dermatology. It was a joint effort between the University of Il­ linois Educational Psychology Department and the Medical College of Wis­ consin Dermatology Department. To date, the development of the test has spanned more than 2 years.