chapter  2
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The Development of a Computerized Selection System for Computer Programmers in a Financial Services Company

The computer has dramatically altered the landscape of selection testing, its impact ranging from the practical to the theoretical. Among the former, the advantages of administering tests on computer include increased standardiza­ tion of test administration procedures, immediate scoring, elimination of man­ ual errors in scoring, and reduced time required of human resources personnel to proctor tests. Mead and Drasgow’s (1993) meta-analytic finding that power tests can be transported from paper-and-pencil to computer without compro­ mising the tests’ construct integrity makes the advantages of computerization even more beneficial. Although the construct meaning of speeded tests may be altered by the mode of administration, technological advances such as pen-based computers may ultimately eliminate these differences as well (Overton, Taylor, Zickar, & Harms, 1996).