chapter  4
Why God Made Evolutionists
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Why God Made Evolutionists The last chapter considered the manner in which creationists draw on different views of the nature of science as resources that are employed flexibly to undermine the scientific status of evolution and to justify the acceptance of creationism itself as science. Two related points of somewhat different status follow. First, it seems apparent that the category of science itself functions as some kind of legitimizing device. Second, it is not enough for creationists simply to undermine the validity of evolution in this way; they must also endeavor to explain its existence as a competing account of reality. This problem arises from the primary assumption implicit in crea­ tionism that there is only one way to properly understand reality and, more fundamentally, that reality is singular rather than multiple. Hence, there is a common creationist tendency to assert a direct opposition between crea­ tion and evolution. The question then inevitably arises: How can the existence of evolution be accounted for? And, to sharpen the puzzle, how is it that so many people, both scientists and laypersons, can be convinced of the truth of evolution, if in fact reality is not like this at all?