chapter  10
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Toward Improving Life at the Crossroads: Family Communication Education and Multicultural Competence

A common theme of the chapters in this volume is that problems concerning race relations in the United States take root at home. It is through family communication that we develop initial formulations of ethnic identity and orientations toward ethnic culture, our own and others (Allen, 1981; Boykin & Toms, 1985; Clark, 1992; Daniel & Daniel, chap. 2, this volume; Socha & Diggs, chap. 1, this volume). Further, ethnic identity and cultural orientation affect intraethnic and interethnic communication (Hecht, Collier, & Ribeau, 1993; Taylor, 1981) including how these skills develop (Daniel & Daniel, chap. 2, this volume; Socha, Sanchez-Hucles, Bromley, & Kelly, 1995).