chapter  2
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Interactions in Action: Beyond Basic Writing

Chapter 2 applies the analytic framework developed within chapter 1 to the written and oral interactions of a group of peer writers within a Basic Writing classroom. First, I study the progress of Basic Writing students’ oral competencies and their sustained work in constructing conventions within their everyday speech. Second, I research the ways in which such conversational structures inform their writing choices. Specifically, I (a) ascertain how these students produce social constructions through utilizing conversational structures (adjacency pairs, face-saving techniques, accounts, and group folk logics); (b) construct shifting identities, roles, and characters; (c) construct their own conceptions of agency in speech in light of larger social, political, and cultural concerns; (d) construct altering conceptions of audience; and (e) construct and reconstruct conceptions of social context. Third, I explain the implications of this analysis for how we research the written and spoken processes and products of Basic Writers.