chapter  5
A Closer Look at the Children
Pages 15

In this chapter, my focus is on trying to understand children’s learning dur-

ing phonics lessons. Using a variety of analytical perspectives, my purpose

is to make sense of the children’s experiences because they ultimately con-

tribute to the children’s literacy identities. I admit at the outset of this chap-

ter that more research needs to be done in this area. Unlike many of the pub-

lishers of phonics programs, I cannot assert that the program is good for

every child. Nor can I say that the program has long-term negative effects

on the children. Children are quite resilient. I do assert that the behaviors of

the children during the lessons, the fact that scores at lower socioeconomic

status (SES) schools such as Karen’s rose minimally, and the district’s push

to continue nonproven strategies for teaching contribute to children’s read-

ing identities in ways that we must consider.