chapter  8
Phonics, Reading, and Politics
Pages 22

Teacher burnout is not about being tired. It is about feeling powerless. As

you read this chapter, you may feel powerless or even helpless. Or angry.

Or sad. But it is important to learn about the political side of teaching a di-

rect systematic, intense scripted program and to understand our position as

educators. We have to be articulate about our ways of teaching so we don’t

feel helpless. By learning about the political nature of teaching, we can

shed the feeling that we are succumbing to some invisible force that takes

the life, passion, joy, and spirit out of our teaching and our students’ learn-

ing. The “use” (in answer to, “What’s the use?”) is our minds, our chil-

dren’s minds, and our futures. That’s a positive answer to the sigh,

“What’s the use?”